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Saint Cecilia Sinsemilla

by Amp

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Recorded Live for a Radio session in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and a concert in Biel/Benne Switzerland.

It has been three years since the last Amp (proper) full-lengther, the phenomenal 'Stenorette' release on Kranky (produced by Robert Hampson of Main). Since then, there have been a couple releases as AMP Studio (but don't ask me to describe the distinction between entities). While the world awaits another full-length masterpiece, the group has decided to collect recordings made on the road during their 1998/99 European tour, from in-studio performances at AJZ radio in Switzerland and the famed VPRO in the Netherlands.

Of the ten songs included, four I can recognize from both 'Stenorette' and 1997's 'Astralmoonbeamprojections'. In addition to the older tunes, the group has provided somewhat of a rough blueprint for the next recordings.

Amp's sound has always been rather difficult to categorize, whether they're making an attempt at dreampop, a blissful wall of sound, or gritty and abrasive guitar wash with samples. While the group are considerably limited to both gear and production due to the nature of these recordings, it's no easier to sum up the sounds. Common characteristics include earth-rumbling bass, disconnected looping drums and heavily distorted guitars underneath the caustic vocals of miss Karine Charff. From a low rumble to blood curdling shrieks, it's almost puzzling how dark and almost goth-like this can get while incorporating old sounds of primitive gear and effects — think early 1970s Pink Floyd noodle-roni — while their main crowd tends to be the more peculiar indie rock kids.

Have they played at Terrastock yet? Tom the Fish is calling this the best record of the year, while I'm now salivating for the next fully realized Amp (studio) album.

Brainwashed (2001)


released May 14, 2001

Recorded in Europe, performed by Richard and Karine..



Amp London, UK

Amp is an electronic post rock band formed by Richard F. Walker (aka Richard Amp) in 1992, after a 2 year hiatus Amp resurfaced with French vocalist Karine Charff, and a succession of floating collaborators.

MC Strong:
"Occupying musical territory somewhere between shoegazing and the Bristol 'Trip Hop' sound, AMP had created a work of sweeping soundscapes, echoing ambience and waves of feedback."
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